[!] Project Video on the Birthday of Zico ♥

1.-Take a photo with this logo can be printed on a t-shirt or on a sheet

2.-Send it to the following E-mail: zicolovers@hotmail.com

3.-delivery deadline until August 31.

4.-Name and Country to which they belong

5.-Publicasion Video on September 13


[!] Proyecto en Video por el Cumpleaños de Zico ♥

1.-Tomarse una foto con este logo,puede ser en una camiseta o impresa en una hoja

2.-Enviarla al siguiente correo electronico zicolovers@hotmail.com

3.-Fecha limite de entrega hasta el 30 de agosto

4.-Nombre completo y Pais al que Pertencen

5.-Publicasion del Video el 13 de Septiembre

Link Download LOGO/Mediafire:





Friendly reminder that Zico is against thigh gaps.

So cut yourself another slice of cake.

The chronicles of Block B: Shitted on since debut!


If you look around and talk with kpop fans, a lot of the time BBCs (fanclub for the group Block B, if you didn’t know) are often described as fun loving, derpy…whiny. Yes, whiny. The whiny part is always there. There’s always us being whiny, complaining, being angry, cranky, over-protective of the boys. But I don’t think most people really know why we’re whiny. And there’s of course a reason for that! Just like there’s a reason for basically everything.

Did you know, that Block B has had to go through some sort of shit during every single one of their comebacks? Fun fact of the day!

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Block B stands for Blockbuster